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Your thoughts please, Thanks, Reply Todd says: February 22, 2011 at 8:53 pm Are you suggesting to just paint the foam board and leave it that way.In summer this room is boiling and in winter it is frigid cold.AsktheBuilder.com: Using R value guidelines to upgrade your insulation is likely a smart move.It is also sometimes used on commercial buildings for roof and wall panel insulation which is typically sandwiched between light gauge metal.My husband dug the cellar hole,he stated, the ground is pervious, with no ground water.There are some foam panels with a smooth finish on on side but that would not be good for stucco nor would it make financial sense to cover a surface meant to already be the finished surface.

Question is wheher or not this can still be done and if so, should the foam board be installed over or under the tyvek house wrap.The reflective foil facing makes it an excellent insulation board when radiant heat is involved.When a high r-value, above R20, is required in a pre-engineered metal building, one solution is a cavity filled.Reply Todd says: December 10, 2011 at 4:49 pm The polyiso is more than strong enough.Those tight areas are typically best dealt with using spray foam, and then switching to something more economical when you get away from the soffit area.Products like Drylok are ok for helping reduce moisture release from concrete.

I noticed when I was mounting the tv jack that the cooler air was being drawn out from behind the wall.Outside is aluminum siding over the original wood which will need to be dealt with later.Adding another layer of drywall over foamboard, would mean taking out the existing garage opener, garage door railing and everything.Reply Todd says: September 12, 2011 at 7:42 am Thanks for visiting out site.

As far as the fire code it really depends on the use of the space and local codes.But you gain square footage of living area because their is not any studded wall cavity.

We notice if we use foil it cuts down on the heat buildup dramatically.

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Please consider LIKING us on Facebook at Reply Corky says: March 28, 2011 at 2:45 pm Thanks for setting me straight.Learn more about thermal resistance to help lower your utility bills.This sort of makes it a sort of high thermal mass semi-envelope home.I am looking to add insulation to the above grade bedrooms on the North side of the home.Typically crawl spaces benefit nicely from foil faced polyiso foam board.The vapor barrier is created by having the proper amount of foam.We would end up with somewhere near r19, without having the added expense of him furring out the studs, etc.

This creates issues at door and windows with sills, jambs, etc. Good luck.I was thinking over the XPS, but on second and third thought, your idea makes more sense.

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I also was hoping to find xps board pre-manufacture with foil on one side (for radiant purposes) and a rough fiberglass mesh surface on the other side (stucco ready).

You see Google has recently changed the science on how they rank sites when you do a search.My second question is can I use polyso as the board between the shell instead of xps because it has a higher r value.Is this ok to do and is a specific type of foam board more compatible with the spray foams.Obviously if you insulate the gables it will be better than not.We do have room in the ceiling so we will probably go with R-38 fiberglass.Yes, the top of wall up to the sill plate should also be insulated.In an existing situation most people would opt to insulate up to these type of utilities.Also, what type of fasteners should I use for the foam and the siding.I will cover this with Hardy cement board and trim it with wood for esthetics.

It does come at a cost, more money to build, needs exterior finish (stone, brick, stucco) for the exposed portion, and the interior needs to be finished in order to protect against fire.Lots of metal buildings today are built with them and they have a nice finish on both sides.DO NOT put any type of fiberglass in contact with the masonry.The attic has a wooden tongue and groove floor, but no insulation.

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One place I looked said that sealing the concrete could lead to other problems.Which would be the best kind of foam board to get and proper thickness.

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