Extjs 5 buffered store filter

Buttons blur themselves on invocation of their handlers making them and their ancestor hierarchy keyboard-inaccessible.Wrong cellEditing context after preventing editing from beforecomplete event.

Become a Member Affiliate Program. Support. FAQ Contact. Legal. Terms and Conditions Licensing Privacy Policy.Overflowchange is not fired when a toolbar is resized and the overflow is changed.

When scrolling down an infinite and locked column grid the row synchronization breaks.

Extjs Combobox store not filtering values on typeahead

Fit layout does not adjust sizes based on autoScroll triggered by minHeight.Following these characteristics buffered queries should be used...Chart rendering is broken by moving its ancestors in the DOM in IE.

The plugin adds a row of configurable form fields below the grid header where the filter values. store a huge number of records.When tabbing quickly through cell editing, the cell editor drops out of edit mode (intermittent).Locked grid row heights fail to sync when OSX scroll bars turned off.Locales use non-existent classname to override Ext.grid.feature.Grouping.

FiltersFeature DateFilter initiates request on picker click without filter.CellEditing plugin stops working when within a collapsed container.RTL: Grids: Grid Plugins: Header check box goes out of view once after moving horizontal scroll bar in chrome.Locking, Group Summary Grid Example with grouped headers - Getting JS Error when tab key is pressed and hold for a while when all columns are locked state.Accessibility theme needs tool icons for window move and resize.BorderLayout: collapsed GridPanel on south looks inconsistent after expand.With multiple Column series, columns can completely obscure each other.Left and right aligned headers in panel drag are not layed out properly.Menus are not referencing their proper menuItem owner when using child combinators in a selector for Component EventDomains.

Direct: Direct Named Arguments: When long text is entered in name fields, server response alert is shown out of the response box.Combination Examples: Kitchen sink: Grid to Grid: Drag and drop records from first grid to second displays js error and not able to drag from second time.RemotingMethod should support optional pass-by-name parameters.WebKit: Text selection is lost when mousing over a custom context menu.Grid column lines are shown for hidden columns if RowExpander is used.Description. We are using a proxy solution with Ext.Direct and the store reloads when searching but nothing gets filtered.

Using getEditor on a grid column creates an orphaned component resulting in a memory leak.HtmlEditor throws JS error when selecting certain toolbar items with selected text on IE.Window header ghost does not mirror actual header during drag.

Dragging an item does not move the load masks of its children.Charts - Area charts - December Month Name is missing when resize and also minimizing the chart.Buffered Grid scrollTo does not always reach specified scrollTop on IE.Cell editing restores wrong value when value is updated during edit.Ext.util.Format.number returns wrong value with a negative zero and trimming zeros.Expanding a panel restores wrong size if size changed while collapsed.ComboBox reports incorrect value when non-unique display fields are used.Labelable: getFieldLabel should implement same logic as the setter as regards label separator.

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