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Learn how to set up Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods.So apparently (this is from Apple) there is no way to track them if WiFi is turned off even though the iPads are on.Icloud Find My Iphone Ipad And Mac Apple article Turn on find my iphone on your apple devices. if your devices go missing, find my iphone app or can help.

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You wont be able to lock it or wipe it off until one whole stole it switches it on.The problem is that I had WiFi turned off and they are locked with a PIN.

The software is built-in, you just have to input your MobileMe account info, and enable Find My iPad.The big thing is you need to at least set a passcode lock on your device.This option has to be activated prior to your device being lost or stolen.

My IPAD was stolen also and I called Apple and they said there is nothing they can do, I filled a police report and waiting for that to come back.I have been missing my ipad for almost 3 weeks and I would like to at least know if someone has tried to plug it in to itunes.Note: this tutorial has been updated (on Nov 6th, 2012) to reflect the changes in the latest version of the Find My iPhone service.

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I could find mine, but not that it has been lost or stolen, it does not work.As soon as you finish activiating your iphone or iPad download the Find My iPhone App from Apple.

Hi, I have installed IOS 6 in my iPad and then synced with my computer.

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I can send messages to my iPad, etc but I cannot seem to locate it.Apple TV and IPad airplay mirroring WITHOUT an internet connection-simple unknown tricks and tips.Apple is going to make my new iPad obsolete. Again. Commentary: An expected new version of the 9.7-inch iPad means anyone who got an iPad Air 2 over the.

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If you mouse over your iPad listed in devices, you should see a device ID.

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Jan 21, 2017 6:13 AM in response to 0207962384 Hi, try to use Find My Iphone app at were WiFi only and I did activate Find My iPhone on them both.

Unfortunately, once the device has be stolen, the chances of getting it back are next to zero.

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For this to work, your device needs to be on and have an internet connection.Now, technically, Apple will not help you locate your device, but if you provide your serial number, they should be able to notate your account, and if the device shows up under another Apple ID, they should be able to tell you.Even if they do work, it is easy for anyone to wipe it and start using it as if brand new.This will allow you to lock your device and display a message on its screen.

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If they know how, then Apple should be able to nab them if they try and register it with a new apple id.I did activate the wipe my ipad if too many incorrect passcode attempts failed, so I really hope that whoever stole it tried xx number of times so the data was wiped, that is my main concern.

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