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Click on the down arrow key then a dropdown list will appear.

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Use a Personal VPN Another great way to make yourself more anonymous to Google and other search engines is to use the anonymizing capabilities provided by a personal Virtual Private Network (VPN).Try Googling your name, address, phone number, and your e-mail.How to hide friends list on Facebook from. top of the page and type in the name of any.Without changing my name I want it in the account but when you send a message it has a green light next to it showing that me myself and my name is online.AOL and allow you to choose your own domain name for your email address.

As an example, you might want to hide your name when sending semi-anonymous feedback or contacting.

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Here are some CSS and JavaScript based techniques that will help you hide your email.

Now that you know some of what is out there about you, your next question is probably: what can you do to make the information private or have it removed from Google search results.

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If the arrow key does not work then start with the first letter of the autofill and you will see the names in the autofill list below the sign-in spot.There are many other benefits to using a personal VPN service besides anonymous browsing.Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.

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How to hide account name on email via but i would like to know how i can change my sender name if i wanted my name only to remain.VPN services, once a luxury, are now commonplace and highly affordable.

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How to hide name identity on sender of an E-mail in. hide my name.

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Gmail may hide your email signature in outgoing messages and recipients have to click on Show Trimmed.Remove Your Phone Number from Google Just a short time ago, if you found that Google had your phone number listed in their online phone book, you could have requested that your phone number be removed.

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Personal VPNs also provide a wall of strong encryption that helps to thwart hackers and others who might be trying to eavesdrop on your network connection.Since a friend of mine used my computer to logon to her Gmail account, I am no longer logged on automatically like before, so I must type my login name and password every time.

AnGeLiN JaCoB. Follow. B for Birds. monty k. Follow. Google Plus Insider.Search Results of how to hide fb id from. how to get hidden fb accounts gmail Sm Arif 6 months ago. How to Make Invisible FB Name 2014 Acknow Tech 3 years ago.Check out the article on Google Street View Privacy for details on how to request to have your property removed from both Google Street View and Bing Street-side views.

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How to change your email sender name. you will be able to edit your name.

If you would rather not have your house shown on Google as part of street view, you can request that your house be obscured from view.How can I hide my IP, computer name and email client from a.Facebook can be a great way to connect with people, but having a Facebook can also feel overly public at times.If yours is the only login left, it should be selected automatically the next times.Chances are, you will find that Google knows a lot more about you than you think it does.Relevant search results are at the heart of what Google does, and it has gotten very good at its core competency.

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