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Consult the Certificate Authority step-by-step guides on the Windows 2000 Step-by-Step Guides Web site.Packets are matched against filters when being sent (outbound) to see if they should be secured, blocked, or passed through in clear text.

Make sure the Edit Properties check box is cleared (this is the default setting), and then click Finish to close this wizard.At the Windows 2000 command prompt, type net stop policyagent, then type net start policyagent to restart the IPSec related services.If you are not able to get any IPSec communication to work, then follow the steps provided below to build the simplest policy, and use it for testing.Use an authentication method of pre-shared keys for the rule, and make sure there are no white spaces in the string of characters.

Use the filter action Permit to let the packets go in the clear, or unsecured.On the Start menu, click Run, and then type mmc in the text box. Click OK.

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The IKE RFC 2409 standard does not provide a method for both sides to negotiate to normal, or unsecured, or clear text mode.Transport mode filters apply to host packets that have a source address of the computer that is sending the packet, or a destination address of the computer that is receiving the packet.If you want to secure traffic between two computers that are not domain members, you need to create a custom policy because the built-in policies require Kerberos authentication provided by the domain controller.Use these messages to detect that a negotiation failed and why.IKE specifies to CAPI how to handle CRL checking when it requests a certificate to be validated.The second step is to configure the action to take for those packets.Clear the Activate the default response rule check box, and then click Next.

In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box, click Computer Management, and then click Add.However, Windows 2000 IPSec certificate authentication uses any valid certificate in the computer account, meaning any setting of extended key usage will be acceptable.

Caution: This server-side configuration is appropriate for internal network servers ONLY, because the server is configured by IPSec policy to allow incoming, clear text, unsecured packets.The log is limited to 50,000 entries, which usually limits the file size to less than 6 megabytes.Enter a value, either 1 or 2, according to the behavior you want to enable.In this section, you will create a custom IPSec policy, first by defining a security rule, then by defining a filter list, then finally by specifying the filter action.L2TP is combined features of PPTP and Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F).To complete this walkthrough, you need the following hardware.Filters used for IPSec tunnels must be based on addresses only, not on protocol and port fields.Thus, you can better understand how to build a custom policy that will secure to the right destinations, while permitting other maintenance and infrastructure communication to go unprotected in the clear.Using this model, clients need only a default policy for how to respond to security requests from servers.

Read my Private Internet Access Review for its Pros and Cons.If you want to secure the traffic, both computers must have a compatible negotiation policy configured.In the next procedure, you will configure auditing, so that an event will be logged when IPSec is involved in communication.IPSec and related services in Windows 2000 have been jointly developed by Microsoft and Cisco Systems, Inc.For actual use in production environments, you must create a custom policy that has the behavior you want according to your security requirements, network topology, and specific server application usage.You can order the list of authentication methods to specify certificates first, then Kerberos or pre-shared key.

If none of the above has helped, and you have not read the section, Understanding IKE Negotiation, do so now.In the left pane of the MMC console, select Computer Management, and navigate to System Tools, to Event Viewer, and then select Security.You have just configured the filter action that will be used during negotiations with your partner.If you are not using the common infrastructure, you need to make the appropriate changes to this set of instructions.

Windows 2000 IP Security builds upon the IETF IPSec architecture by integrating with Windows 2000 domains and the Active Directory TM services.Make sure that auditing is enabled for success and failure for the audit attribute Audit Logon Events.

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This provides easy deployment of secure communications between Windows 2000 computers who are members in a domain or across trusted domains.Passwords, termed pre-shared authentication keys, used strictly for establishing trust—not for application data packet protection.To completely clear the state of IKE negotiation, it is necessary to stop and start the policy agent service using the commands below from a command shell prompt when logged in as a local administrator.

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