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Your history will be displayed by time up to three weeks back, by site, by most visited, and by.Abuse history. Hi I also cannot get rid of Bing and replace it with Google.You should be able to easily follow the prompts, like any other computer interaction.He began blogging in 2007 and quit his job in 2010 to blog full-time.

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Every browser also has a different look when in the special private mode so that you can actually be sure nothing is being recorded.

Hosted app data is data from third party-apps you install from the Chrome web store.

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AutoComplete history is what gets saved when you type something into the address bar in IE.

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As long as you are logged in when doing any type of search, Google History has.Zemana AntiMalware Portable is a free malware scanner which can detect malicious programs.

First one is google, second one is Bing and third one is Yahoo.Featured Posts 7 OS X Tips for Windows Users How to Check if Your VPN Connection is Actually Encrypted The Best Free Apps for a New iPhone View Saved Wi-Fi (WPA, WEP) Passwords on OS X.In the clear browsing data dialog, you first have to choose the time frame for the data you want to delete.However, the key thing to note is that when you press the Clear browsing data button and remove your history, it only removes the local history.Another option which has come about more recently is using your browser in private or incognito mode.For the latest version of Firefox, click the 3 lined customization and settings button (located in the same line as the address bar), and then click History and Clear Recent History.

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Luckily, you can go through and view all of that history and either selectively delete it or delete everything.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.Here are the links if you use those services and want to remove your search history.

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The only way around this is to use more advanced security services like a VPN (Virtual Private Network).Select Bing and click Remove. Click OK. Remove Bing from Google Chrome:. then click Manage Search Engines.It ranges from the past hour to the beginning of time, with a couple of other options in between.

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However, if you want to delete individual, recent items you can open the search app, touch the search bar, and then touch and hold or swipe the items you want to delete (according to your device type).

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Or searching for something that you know would get you in trouble if someone found out.

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