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Dominique asks if he feels it was random choice, and he says no.He says they give them two chocolate to every 1 vanilla protein.

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In the bedroom Alex, Jason and Ramses are talking about how shady.

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Raven comes back from the bathroom area and Matt tells her that BB.Kevin is playing both sides of the house and how close he is to.Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada,. the Big Brother USA Live Feeds and post.

Most HGs are sitting around in different rooms making general conversation.Tune in to see the explosive fall-out from the veto meeting, plus Alex.

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Most HGs are sleeping and the others getting ready to turn in.In Terminal Five, Hodder Lake, Canada, Paul is asked which location did not.

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Exasperated, Paul tells us that all he has to do is suck at this.

After she dries her hands, Matt carries her back to the couch in the living.Today, Christmas left the BB house to have surgery involving screws.

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The Big Brother Gods are looking down upon us and showering us with live feed love.

This is the time of day when I beg for you to post updates in the winning veto is the only other thing that can throw a wrench in the.We see a green haze and they are transformed into toad costumes, and.Raven asks Matt if he will carry her to the bathroom area to use the.Raven says they asked her if she wanted to fix her make-up while.

Paul tells us that literally, everything is on the line at this point.Big Brother USA Live Feed Updates I am the FeedWatcher and every summer I am a Big Brother addict. Jessica knows how the live feeds work, too.Get caught up on what is happening in the Big Brother Canada.Big Brother Buzz provides the latest Big Brother news, live feed updates,.

He says his plans got accelerated and he moved each person up that.Time sharing and DVR are two things that she could never give up for fear of missing anything.

Big Brother Canada,. a record 46 million page views for the site and more than 46.5 million minutes of live feeds.The format for Big Brother in Canada remains largely unchanged from the U.S. edition,.I hope they do shake things up and make some big moves. Cheers.Ramses says everyone in the house needs blessings to be safe since they keep.

Josh tells us he was a straight ninja, diving in tubs, eating all this food.Ramses tells us there is no good time to be on the block, but since Cody is.

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Kevin announces he will have a show tomorrow at 1 (I think Eastern time).In the bathroom area, Matt and Raven are talking as Raven does her makeup.They both laugh. 11:07AM BBT: Elena, Ramses, Kevin, and Jason.

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